Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is Cheating Ever Righteous? The Curious Case of Manny Ramirez

The main story in Los Angeles over the past couple of days has been the saga of Los Angeles Dodgers (that's baseball, true lefties) left fielder (a "position" in the sport) Manny Ramirez, who is now suspended until early July for taking a substance banned by Major League Baseball. Performance-enhancing drugs have been quite the rage over the past couple of years in the sport, as has been public loathing of those athletes caught using them. But Los Angeles has collectively shrugged its shoulders and is waiting for Ramirez to return and take them to the Promised Land of a World Series title. Is this a disturbing sign of the apocalypse, or is sports just an opiate? I'll talk to Los Angeles Times columnist Kurt Streeter, who wrote a great piece on his disappointment in the lack of outrage at Ramirez's cheating ways.

The first segment, though, is devoted to Orange County's sole congressional Democrat, Loretta Sanchez. A woman who owes her career to illegal immigrants...now turning her back on undocumented college students? What a pendeja! Hear it straight from the students themselves, although they're much kinder than your gentle host.

Plus, as always, the Subversive Historian, and Mark Ames, the mad genius of Exiledonline.com!

Image above: Ramirez slugging away. Was he on the juice at the time?

Soundtrack for today's show: "D-O-D-G-E-R-S" by Danny Kaye; "Love is Like a Baseball Game" by the Intruders!

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High-falutin', relevant quote of the week: “You bet I'm out of touch, and that's the very reason it's important everyone in the media keep laying the wood to the rule-breakers and ne'er-do-wells. Someone has to draw the line. Someone has to keep hold of standards. Someone has to give voice to those who know there's more to life than winning. How you win, how you prepare, the ethics you bring to the ballpark and yes, to life . . . guess what? That matters.”

--Streeter, in his column, answering those who say he's making too much out of Ramirez's cheating.

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