Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama in O.C. and Ollin!

President Barack Obama visits Orange County tomorrow, specifically the town of Costa Migra. Is Obama so clueless about Orange County that he can't figure out which towns are kosher and which aren't (judging by where he held a fundraiser last year, the answer is a big pinche no)? And, judging by his partnership with Rick "Purpose-Driven Life" Warren in the past, Obama knows about as much about la naranja as wacky Chicanos from Eastlos. We'll discuss for the first 20 minutes starting at 4 p.m..

Eastlos Chicanos who know what's up, on the other hand, are the wondrous band Ollin. 20 minutes of talk about their annual St. Paddy's tribute to the Pogues' Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash, 20 minutes of your question, one hour of chingón radio. Tell all about it!

Soundtrack: Whatever Ollin brings in.

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Relevant, high-falutin' quote of the week: As for closers Ollin, any group that can rockabilly-out a reference to City Terrace, recall the displaced families of Chavez Ravine, and chirp a rendition of “The Wearing of the Green” that can cause all of County Cork to cry deserves the world’s blessings.

--My own review of their show years ago for the LA Weekly. Remember when LA Weekly covered Chicano bands?

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